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Hi, my name is Stephen Hoca, and I am the author of this
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Let me tell you that you’re about to embark on one of the most amazing fitness journeys of your life: training for a marathon and losing weight… all in the privacy of your own home!

For the past two years, I have been a dedicated treadmill and running enthusiast, and I have painstakingly put together the most complete book in the world on how to make the best use of your treadmill, whether it be for losing weight, running a marathon, or incorporating cardio into your already-busy workout schedule.

Since I started using the treadmill, I have lost over 30 pounds, run several marathons and half-marathons, and have done tons of other 5K, 5-mile, and 10-mile runs. And it’s totally been done from training on the treadmill. I have even wound up finishing in the top 10% of almost all the runs I have done!!!! How about that? 

In addition to my running accomplishments, weight loss has also been a breeze! I used to have a super large, potbelly, and I was totally bloated and out of shape. In this book, I will tell you exactly what you need to be doing that will guarantee your weight loss success!


In this new eBook, you will learn……

How I came to the conclusion that treadmills were the best way to lose weight, run in competition, and run marathons

Treadmill advantages and disadvantages – learn why ultimately you’re much better off training on a treadmill versus outside. This chapter you won’t want to miss.

Purchasing a treadmill – learn how to find the right treadmill at the right price. This chapter will save you hundreds… if not thousands of dollars in costly mistakes that most people run into when they purchase a new or used treadmill.

Treadmill running form – learn the proper way to stay fixed to a treadmill without feeling claustrophobic and limited in movement. When I first started treadmill training, I too was nervous about how to stay within a confined space. This chapter helps to get rid of all that fear.

Treadmill safety – this chapter is a must for anyone that wants to ensure that their weight loss and running training is 99.99% safe every time. I cover all the “dos” and “don’t” that will keep you safe on your treadmill journeys every day.

Treadmill calibration – I will show you two formulas that will ensure that the calibration of your treadmill is 100% up to par. Would you believe that most treadmills that leave the factory are out of calibration? With these formulas, you’ll be able to make sure the salespeople you purchase the treadmill from has the unit properly calibrated.

Keeping a Journal – this chapter discusses and shows in detail how to keep an accurate journal of all your workouts, and why it’s vitally important for your success in weight loss and running training.

Examples of my personal workout journal – this chapter will show you in detail how I lost 25 pounds in three months time, and how I did it without crash dieting.

How to increase your running time – learn how to increase your run time so that you can exponentially lose weight and increase your competitive running time scores!

Nutrition – this chapter will show people that are trying to lose weight the proper foods to consume, and which ones to avoid. You’ll also learn why non-carb diets are, in the long run, the worst way to try losing weight.

Injuries and training growing pains – covers the initial stages of what your treadmill training will be like in the beginning, and how you can get through these initial training growing pains.

Stretching – learn firsthand the most important stretching exercises for running and weight loss. Lots of very detailed photos.

Avoiding bathroom accidents – learn how to time your digestion so that you don’t need to take even one bathroom breaking during an entire marathon. I’ve followed this formula, and it has worked wonders.

Conversion and pace charts – see how important it is knowing where you’ll be in your run and weight loss training. These charts help you do proper goal-setting and will ensure your training success.

Running versus walking – learn why losing weight will differ depending on how you train. Also, you’ll know the exact calorie burn each and every time you work out on the treadmill.

Weight loss chapters – learn how to lose weight the healthy way, and at the same time, have a motivational coach there to help you do it.

Running chapters – whether you’re looking to run a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or eventually a full marathon, these chapters will show you how to painstakingly prepare yourself to be a super runner, while at the same time, losing weight.


Free 105-page journal

In addition to all this great material, you’ll also be getting free my entire 105-page journal that I compiled from January 28, 2007 – April 28, 2007, on how I lost 25 pounds, and increased my running times unbelievably. You’ll totally be motivated by this journal!

Free How to “nip in the bud” eBook

I’ll also be giving you a free copy of How to “nip in the bud” Treadmill Procrastination, which is a must for anyone that wants to nip in the bud the ever-so-common habit of deviating from weight loss goals and your running training. In this book, you’ll learn exactly how to get back on track of things when you’re distracted from your goals.

105-page journal & How to “nip in the bud” Treadmill Procrastination

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I could not believe that you could learn to lose weight, and at the same time train for a marathon without having to leave the house! Living in North Dakota, the winters here are fierce. But, by the time I finished Steve’s 16-week treadmill Marathon course, I was ready in spring to compete. Thanks Steve!

Cheryl S.
Bismark, N

Steve’s Treadmill Marathon Guide made it possible for me to lose weight… all in the privacy of my own home. I used to be embarrassed to be seen in public, but after losing weight using his 10-week weight loss plan, I am now as happy as ever to be competing in local runs and wearing shorts. Steve’s book is a must!

Randy J.
San Antonio, TX

Hands down the best book for treadmill training! I used Steve’s advice for purchasing a treadmill, and that advice alone was worth 10 times the price of the book.  The salesman was even impressed with my knowledge. Now I have a super quality treadmill that I found at a reasonable price. Steve did all the homework for me. Now it’s time to train! Keep up the good work Steve!

Jerry S.
Cleveland, OH

Steve’s free ebooks were also a gem. Steve’s workout journal was such an inspiration to me. It showed how he slowly, but surely got off of drinking beer, and continued to train to the point of losing 25 pounds in just three months. All his personal thoughts really made me want to keep a journal myself. Also, his “nip in the bud” free ebook helped me once already when I got distracted for a week during my treadmill training. With Steve’s ebook, and two free gifts, how could you ever get off track?
Two thumbs up for these books.

Jerry W.
Altoona, PA

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